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What is a Market in Mortgage MarketSmart?

  • Saved location or group of locations
  • Can be comprised of census tracts, counties, CBSAs, states, etc.)

How do I create a Market in Mortgage MarketSmart?

  • Saving a spatial query as a Market
  • Saving an attribute query as a Market
  • Saving tiers from a Market Comparison as a Market (Version 2.0)

What do I do with Markets?

  • Summarize and compare data in Data Grid
  • Filter any dataset by Market (i.e. see only the data for that market)
  • Add data to any Market
  • Use Markets in Comparison Tool (Version 2.0)


How do I create a market?

1. Two ways to create a new market:

  • Click on Create Market button at bottom of Map Contents (works well when you’ve created a query)
  • Click on Markets tab of MC Toolbar and click on New Market button at top

2. Click on Create Market button

3. Choose a market name, description, and a default color for how the market will be colored on the map

4. Choose the geography type (Is the market made up of counties? Tracts? CBSAs?)

5. Check only the layer or layers in your map that represent what you want in your market – you can see what’s included in the list at the right. If you want to remove any locations from the map, you can uncheck the boxes.

6. Click on Save Changes and your market is created. This DOES NOT automatically add the market to the map.

7. To add the market to the map, go to the Markets tab and click on the “+” next to the market’s name


From the Markets tab, click on the Edit Market button to:

  • Change the name, description and default color of the market
  • Remove geographies from a market by unchecking the boxes

From the Markets tab, click on the Copy Market button when:

  • You want to create a market similar to the one you’re editing
  • You are creating multiple market scenarios (for reconfiguration of territories, sales resources adjustments, etc.)

To add geographies to a market:
1. Click on either the New Market button in the Markets tab or the Create Market button in the MC Toolbar

2. When New Market pop-up appears, click on the Append to Market button

3. Pick the market to append from the drop-down list of your existing markets that appears in the Market Name box

4. Make sure that you have checked the layers you want to add to the existing market

5. Click on Save Changes to append your market

How do you use the Markets you create?

Filter a dataset by market(s)

1. Click Configure Map Layer button next to layer in Map Contents tab

2. Click on the Markets tab

3. Select the Market(s) you want to apply to the dataset by checking the box next to each

4. Click Apply

5. Click to the Symbols tab and change the symbols to reflect the Market Filters (as explained in Section II: Map Basics: Changing Symbols)

Apply Market to Map Layers (Version 2.0)

1. From the Markets tab, click the “+” to add the Market to the map

2. The Add Market to Map pop-up will appear

3. Choose New Layer if you want to show the market as a separate layer on top of the datasets in the map

4. Choose Filter Datasets if you want to filter one or all of the datasets in the map by the market you’re adding

5. Choose the dataset(s) to filter by checking the box to the left of each

6. Click Apply

7. Change symbols for datasets from Map Contents tab

Apply Dataset to Market (Version 2.0)

1. Add Markets to the map using the “+” button to its left in the Markets tab

2. From pop-up, click on New Layer

3. Go to the Map Contents tab, click on the Configure Content Item button to the right of the market you added

4. Click on Use Custom Theme button

5. Select a Dataset from the drop-down menu

6. Follow the directions for changing the symbology for any map layer

7. Click Apply to make the change, and Back to return to the Map Contents

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