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To add locations (branches, loans, etc.) to the map:

1. Click on Locations tab in MC Toolbar

2. If the locations you want to add are already saved to your Locations, click on the “+” next to the group name and add it to the map

3. If not, click on New Location Group button

4. Choose Name & Description

5. Select symbol by clicking on Shape or Image and set its properties

6. Click Browse to find and upload your file

7. Click Browse to find and upload your file

8. After file uploads, match each of the fields under Your Data column to the correct field using each drop-down

9. Every one of your fields must be matched

10. If you have not set up any custom fields, then match your data to “Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, etc.”

11. Click save. The CSV will be uploaded and processed offline. You will receive an email indicating the file you upload has been processed. At that point, it should be ready to go.

12. Notes about geocoding:

  • Occurs as “background” job
  • Takes time

13. Look at the indicator button next to the Location Group name:

  • A green indicator button means that the geocoding is finished and that every address was matched
  • A yellow indicator button means that the process is not completed or that 1 or more addresses did not successfully match
  • A red indicator button means that none of the addresses were successfully matched

14. Click on the “+” sign to add the Location Group to the Map


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