Change Map Symbols and Colors

Megan Horn -

Use layer tools to create the map you want

1. Click legend to view legend

2. Click Map Contents to:

  • Adjust transparency with slider
  • Toggle On/Off with check box

3. Click Sort Layers to:

  • Map draws “bottom-up” (ie. top layers hide bottom the layers)
  • Use Sort Layers button to rearrange

Change Map Symbols

Change symbols to show:

  • Different data (purchase loans, volume, density)
  • Different colors for symbols
  • Different ways of creating categories for data

1. Click on Configure button next to layer in Map Contents

2. Select Symbols tab

3. Choose Custom Theme

4. Choose new Field to symbolize

5. Choose new color theme

6. Choose border color and width

7. Choose which classification method

8. Choose # of class breaks

9. Click Apply

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