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Why would you use a spatial query?

  • Create markets around a branch
  • Draw sales territories that match your LOs or AEs’ reach
  • Match your analyses to your configuration
  • Quantify loan forecasts for any size and shape of market

1. Open Map Tools menu & click on Selection Tools

2. Selection Toolbox opens

3. Choose Dataset for your Selection Layer

4. Choose Display Option: if you want to see the selection as a new layer or if you want the selection to “cut down” your drawing layer

5. Choose the Tool Behavior:

  • If you are starting a new query, choose New
  • If you want to add features as you’re drawing (especially if the markets aren’t contiguous), choose Append
  • If you want to remove features from what you’ve drawn, choose Remove

6. Choose your Drawing Tool: It takes some time to get a feel for the tools and how they work

What do you do with the results of your spatial query?

  • Save as Market
  • Open the Data Grid to view and summarize its data

Why would you use an Attribute Query?

  • Quickly create markets for contiguous geographies (AL, MS, TN or Frederick County, etc).
  • Create markets based on particular criteria (counties with an average loan size > $250,000)
  • Quantify loan forecast for markets/selections based on criteria

1. There are two ways to open Query Builder:

  • Click on Queries tab on Map Contents Toolbar
  • Selecting Query Builder from Map Tools menu

2. Query Builder Opens

3. Choose Dataset to query

4. Select Query Filters from drop-down menus

  • Add filters by clicking on Add Criteria
  • Remove filters by clicking on trash can

5. Name query and provide description

6. Choose Display Option

7. Choose to:

  • Save: Keeps query for future use with layer
  • Run: Runs the query on map, but does not save
  • Save & Run: Does both
  • Cancel: Does not save any changes to query

What do you do with the results of your attribute query?

  • Save as query (add to any map with the query layer)
  • Save as Market
  • Open the Data Grid to view and summarize its data



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