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The Locations tab makes it easy to edit your location groups, and to work with the locations within each 

1. Click on the Customize Fields button if you have other data in your table of locations

2. Examples:

  • Loan type
  • Loan amount
  • Sales source code
  • Occupancy
  • Borrower race/ethnicity
  • Borrower Income


1. Click on the Edit Location Group button to the right of the group’s name to:

  • Change the image or shape of the locations on the map
  • Change the size or color of the locations on the map
  • Change the description or the name of the Location Group

2. Click on the Delete Location Group button to delete the location group.

3. Click on the Edit Locations button to the far right to view and edit specific locations

  • Edit a specific location within the group
  • Add a location to the group


The Locations pop-up allows you to add & import new locations, edit locations, and filter what you see

You can also save your filter selections as a new Location Group

  • Referral or sales source codes
  • By Loan type, size, purpose, borrower ethnicity, etc.


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