Map Contents

Megan Horn -

At any time, you can view the layers you have in your map via “Map Contents” on the MarketSmart Toolbar.

1. Legend – View the meaning behind the symbols (colors) for all dataset layers in the map.

2. Save Map – Save your map as is for later access. View saved maps in the “Maps” area of the MarketSmart Toolbar.

3. Visibility Box – You can toggle layers on and off by checking and unchecking this box. This allows you to hide the layer without removing it from the map.

4. Transparency Slider – Adjusting the transparency of each layer allows you to see the relationship between different layers.

5. Symbology – Change how and what each map layer visualizes (colors, classes, markets).

6. Sort Layers – Clicking on this button allows you to drag the map layers to rearrange how they are ordered.


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