Adding Your Locations

Megan Horn -

One of the most beneficial ways you can use Mortgage MarketSmart is overlaying your own data—loans, LOs, branch locations, etc.—with the data provided in Mortgage MarketSmart.
All location information must be tied to a physical address so it can be plotted on the map.


1. Upload Your Location Group(s) – Add your own “point” data to Mortgage MarketSmart, including (but not limited to) originations, branches, LOs, referral sources, and third-party partners. In this area you’ll find a sample file of what fields are necessary in your upload file.

2. Customize Fields – Align field labels and data type with what’s in your spreadsheets.

3. Shared Location Groups – View location groups that have been shared with you by other users.

4. Edit Location Group – Indicate which symbol and color to use on the map for each location group.

5. Add Locations to Map – Add the location group as a layer on your map. It will then be displayed in the Map Contents along with any other datasets in the map.

6. Edit Locations – Search a table listing all the locations in the group, edit specific locations, add or import locations, export data, and share groups with team members.

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