Get to Know Our Data

Megan Horn -

The real power of Mortgage MarketSmart comes from the comprehensive iEmergent market intelligence—mortgage forecasts, HMDA data, and demographics—at its core.
To view the data available in your account, go to the “Datasets” tab on the MarketSmart Toolbar. Here you’ll find various types of data that can be added to your map.
You’ll find the following dataset types by county, census tract, and CBSA (MSA)*:

  • HMDA Historical Data
  • All Purchase Forecasts
  • Owner Occ/Non-Owner Occ Purchase Forecasts
  • Race/Ethnicity Purchase Forecasts
  • Loan Type Purchase Forecasts
  • Loan Size Purchase Forecasts
  • Borrower Income Level Range Forecasts
  • Competitive Landscape Metrics
  • Refinance Range Forecasts
  • And more
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